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Mulu Negash

Mulu Negash

1122 W. Campus Rd., Joseph R. Pearson Hall, Rm 304

Mulu Negash, a former McNair Scholar serves as the Director of McNair Scholars Program. Mulu has worked in TRiO programs in various capacities for several years. Mulu has a background in counseling psychology and advising middle/high school students. Prior to working with TRiO, she worked in mental health counseling for the unisured in the Greater Kansas City area. A native of Ethiopia, she has made her home in Kansas City.

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A KU professor’s twin study (http://t.co/bnx3Lls5hN) discovers language delay is due more to nature than nurture. http://t.co/9YQ984fS6u
KU ODYSSEY team digs for clues to ancient Pleistocene people Searching for evidence of early people living on the plains in the late Pleistocene age, (see http://bit.ly/1li6uYX) Rolfe Mandel, a KU distinguished professor of anthropology, led an excavation in July 2014 in the “Coffey Site” along the Big Blue River bank in Pottawatomie County, Kansas. Mandel says artifacts from Pleistocene period sediments could provide more clues about the Clovis and pre-Clovis people, who were the founding inhabitants of the Americas.